How To Stop Negative Thoughts From Manifesting


March 4, 2024

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Here’s How to Stop Any Negative Thoughts from Manifesting in the Real World

In this post I’m going to share how to stop negative thoughts from manifesting. You might be worried that these repetitive thoughts could become your reality, but don’t worry—there’s a simple solution.

Have you ever been doing something you “should” be enjoying and aren’t?  

You can’t stop negative thoughts from taking over your life.  Dealing with overwhelmingly negative thought patterns is not uncommon.

The first step when stopping negative thoughts from manifesting is to recognize and acknowledge that you’re having negative thoughts. Then, you can learn how to make changes. 

I will share with you the seven-step process that you can follow to stop negative thoughts from manifesting. And I recommend that you download my manifesting guide as well because it will help you follow this process. 

How To Stop Negative Thoughts From Manifesting

7 Steps to Take to Stop Negative Thoughts from Manifesting

1. Get a journal that is dedicated to your practice of changing your negative thought patterns.

2. Write down all the negative thoughts you’re currently experiencing.  

3. Choose the belief that feels the strongest and is holding you back. You will work on this one first.

4. Ask yourself these questions: 

  • Where did I learn this belief? 
  • Is it 100% true?
  • Is there another way to look at this thought?
  • What would you tell a friend or child having this thought?

5. Continue to be curious about this belief throughout the week, questioning if you can think of it another way.  

6. Collect your thoughts in your journal and see how you’re starting to “crack” the old pattern. 

7. When you feel the change, start with the second negative belief and follow the process.  

How can I tell if my thoughts are negative?

The easiest way to tell if your thoughts are negative is by noticing how you feel.  

Chances are your body will tell you more quickly than your mind.  If you feel anxious, uncomfortable, hopeless, and unable to enjoy things you used to love, your thoughts are likely negative.  Negative thoughts make you feel like you’re carrying a weight on your back, and you turn small things into big things.

What causes negative thoughts to manifest?

Your negative thoughts reflect your deeper subconscious beliefs.  

Let’s say you have repetitive negative thoughts such as:

“I’m not good enough”

“I’m a failure, “

“Nothing ever good happens to me.” 

Now, you’re sending a message to the universe to create more experiences that are consistent with this belief. These experiences will then affirm the negative thoughts.

You’ve now created a negative cycle.

If you don’t challenge the negative thoughts and replace them with something more accurate and positive, they will continue to pop up. 

Moreover, if you take these negative thoughts very seriously and truly believe them, they’ll be even more likely to come up again.

Appreciating the power of the mind and understanding that you create your reality from your thoughts is important.  

What causes negative thoughts to manifest?
It is important to recognize the power of the mind and the fact that your thoughts create the reality you live in.

How do negative thoughts impact our lives?

Think of yourself as the director and actor in a play called “Your Life.”  

When you’re directing, you tell the universe what to bring more of into your life. As the actor, you’re using your perception to make decisions based on your experiences. 

If you have a lot of negative thoughts, it is like wearing a pair of negative glasses. 

Everything you see is tainted. These negative glasses cause fear, anxiety, and self-doubt. 

By appreciating your role in creating your life, you can recognize negative thoughts and make changes to create positive outcomes.  Instead of seeing challenges, you can see opportunities and manifest what you want.

Can negative thoughts create negative realities?

Yes, negative thoughts can create negative realities because what you think is what you create.  

Consider a situation in which you think you’re worthless and will never achieve anything. Will you take advantage of opportunities? Or would you rather be safe, knowing you won’t make it anyway?  

Either way, the answer is true because you can’t achieve anything if you don’t try to learn and grow.  This is why negative thoughts manifest negative realities.  

But the opposite is also true.  Positive thoughts manifest positive realities. 

We have all heard the saying, “Do you see the glass as half empty or half full?” 

Two people see the same glass of water, but one sees it as half full, and the other sees it as half empty

In general, who sees life as full of opportunities and which sees it as full of challenges

What role does stress play in negative thinking?

Negative thinking can impact your health, causing increased stress.  

When thoughts keep you up at night and prevent you from relaxing, your body and immune system get worn out. It can be a vicious circle because when you don’t feel good, you are more likely to have negative thoughts.  

When you start feeling stressed, try self-care, such as meditation, exercise, or anything that helps you feel calm. 

Try self-care techniques like exercise, meditation, or anything else that calms you down when you start to feel stressed.
When you start to feel stressed, try self-care techniques like exercise, meditation, or anything else that calms you down.

Final Thought

Understanding how negative thoughts impact your life is a great start to making a change. 

By acknowledging your negative thoughts, you can take positive steps to change them one by one and manifest what you want in life.  

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