How To Remove Doubt When Manifesting


March 18, 2024

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Removing Doubt When Manifesting

“I need to know how to remove doubt when manifesting!”

Have you ever felt like you have a positive version of yourself on one side of your shoulder and a negative version on the other? 

Having a negative voice in your mind is common and often comes up when stretching out of our comfort zone and trying to change. It’s like one side is jumping up and down, saying, “You can do anything,” and the other side is saying just as loud, “Who do you think you are?” 

They are opposing forces, and the negative acts as a barrier to achieving your desires. 

In this post, I’ll cover how to remove doubt when manifesting so that you’re not stuck listening to the part of you that’s focused on the negative. 

Why do doubts arise when I try to manifest something?

When we start to manifest our desires, doubts arise because when we make any change, our subconscious “freaks out.”  The primal instinct of our subconscious is to keep us safe.  And “staying safe” often means keeping things the same, even if this doesn’t serve us.  

Instead, we must have a positive mindset that will allow us to create change. 

graphic: our doubts are just trying to keep us safe

How do you manifest when you are not sure?

When we have doubts and are dealing with a constant negative loop in our minds, we need to face our fears.

We need to acknowledge the doubt instead of trying to remove it.

For example, Mary has an important upcoming presentation that will set the stage for opportunities at her firm. She wants her presentation to go well. She wants to be calm, speak clearly, and win the respect of her mentor. So this is what she’s trying to manifest.

While she has a clear vision and intention, she keeps feeling weighted down with doubt.  

Instead of pretending the doubt isn’t there or that it will just go away on its own, Mary needs to acknowledge it.  She can tell herself, “I see you, doubt; I know you are afraid, and it will be okay.”  

This self-talk will take away doubt’s power to control your thoughts. 

Can negative thoughts completely derail the process of manifesting?

Negative thoughts can derail the process of manifesting if they are not handled. 

Negative thoughts do two things. First, they make you uncomfortable and unmotivated to believe you can achieve what you really want.  Second, negative thoughts mean you aren’t as likely to see the little changes that confirm that you are on the right path. When you don’t notice improvement, you’ll likely stop further progress. 

Remember that what we appreciate appreciates

How can I strengthen my belief in my ability to manifest?

To strengthen your belief in your ability to manifest, you must address the “elephant in the room,” which is your doubt. 

It may feel logical to say, “Don’t worry!” 

But this is like saying, “Don’t think of an elephant.” 

Rather than trying to push the elephant out of the room, say, “I see you, but I am not interested in going for a ride with you.”

You won’t be able to push away all your doubt away. And trying to push away doubt may make it worse.  Instead, by acknowledging the doubts, you are permitting yourself to have doubt and taking away doubt’s power to derail your thoughts. 

Focusing on the present moment and what we want to manifest is easier when we’re not fighting doubt.

Allowing and acknowledging rather than fighting is the best way to strengthen our manifesting powers.

graphic: trying not to have doubts is like trying not to think about the elephant in the room
Trying to pretend that you don’t have doubt is like trying not to think about an elephant that’s standing in the room staring at you!

Quick Video: How to Start Manifesting

Manifesting is a way to bring a vision into reality. In this video I cover three manifesting tips and an important warning. If you don’t do this ONE thing, then manifesting won’t work.

How can I maintain a positive mindset while waiting for results?

To maintain a positive mindset, don’t just focus on the result. 

To determine whether you have been successful at manifesting, look for positive changes that are happening on the way to the intended result.

Look at the subtle changes, such as your attitude, perception and inner voice.  When you become aware of how you see things differently, that will significantly impact your life.  

Remember, you are at a fork in the road when you start; little shifts change your destination.

Final Thoughts

Many people have it backwards and think they should change their path when manifesting because they have doubts.  

They focus so much energy on removing the doubt, thinking once they remove the doubt, they can truly manifest.  But, anytime we stretch, we will have doubt; the key is not to focus our energy on removing the doubt.  

Instead, we must invite it in and go forward anyway.  We must teach our doubts that they can sit at the table without interfering. They are natural and normal.  They can watch as we do great things.  

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