How To Come Up With Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations

February 24, 2024

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Create Positive Affirmations that Align with Your Dreams

To create your dream life, you must understand what makes you fulfilled, what you value, and what story you want to create.  Creating positive affirmations aligned with your dreams is a powerful practice.

Create Positive Affirmations that Align with Your Dreams
Make sure you choose your play and role in life because you are the main character creating your unique life.

I remember being a kid at a neighbour’s funeral, and the daughter was speaking about her mom, who had passed away. 

In her speech, she shared a quote that has really stuck with me. She said, “Remember, life isn’t a dress rehearsal.” This quote still inspires me today. But I would add, “Make sure you choose your play and role in life because you are the main character creating your unique life.” 

I bring up this story to emphasize the importance of creating positive affirmations that align with your dreams so that you aren’t just some character playing a role in someone else’s play.  Too often, we are on autopilot pursuing what we “think” we should achieve and never questioning if this is the role we want to play in our lives.

How do I start creating my positive affirmations?

1 – Be clear on your goals.

To start creating positive affirmations, you need to be quiet and reflect on what you want more of in your life, whether that is financial freedom, health, a relationship, or more balance.

Once you have identified what you want more of, ask yourself why.  This will make you stop and check in with yourself. You’ll ask if this is really your dream. Doing this check-in gives you the feeling of already having realized your dream. (That feeling piece is an important part of manifesting.)

2 – Identify limiting beliefs.

Next, identify what negative attitudes might be holding you back from achieving this.  Uncover any thoughts that aren’t helping you achieve your personal goals. 

3 – Make positive affirmations.

Create a positive affirmation for each negative belief.  Practice repeating the positive affirmation each time the negative attitude comes up. Record your progress in a journal dedicated to positive affirmations. 

4 – Repeat the affirmations and be consistent.

Being consistent means, you need patience and an awareness of when you slip into negative old programming.  Practice the positive affirmation and repeat your affirmations throughout the day.

What makes an affirmation positive and effective?

For an affirmation to be positive and effective, it has to reflect your core values.

Also, you have to consistently use a powerful positive affirmation to counter the negative beliefs holding you back. You can have alerts on your phone or write sticky notes to remind yourself to repeat daily affirmations.  

A powerful way to start your day is taking a few minutes to concentrate on your affirmations by saying them or writing them down.  Then, reinforce them and create accountability by taking five minutes to reflect on how well you did at the end of the day. 

For an affirmation to be positive and effective, it has to reflect your core values.
A powerful affirmation must resonate with your deepest beliefs and values.

How can I tailor affirmations to specific areas of my life, like work or personal growth?

To tailor affirmations for specific areas of your life, do the following:

  1. Write out your goals in specific areas of your life.
  2. Identify non-helpful beliefs that hold you back from your goals in each area.
  3. Create a positive affirmation for every limiting belief that is negatively affecting each goal.


Are of Life: Work

Goal: To get a promotion at work 

Negative belief examples: I am not smart enough; other people have been here longer than I have, and nothing good ever happens to me.

Positive affirmations – I am a quick learner and intelligent; it isn’t just the time in the job that makes a difference; it is the impact of my work; good things come to me. 


Area of Life: Personal Growth

Goal: I want to build my confidence

Negative belief example: I am weak, not good at anything, and worthless.

Positive Affirmation: I am strong and capable of doing anything I set my mind to. I have unique skills and love and accept myself.

Goal: I want to build my confidence

Is it important for affirmations to be realistic? 

You need to believe in the affirmations you say and for the affirmation to make you feel positive and empowered. 

If you say an affirmation that feels unrealistic, you won’t believe in it.  If you have a goal that you want to achieve but it feels unrealistic, start with a smaller, realistic goal.  

Once you start believing in yourself, the goals that once seemed unrealistic become achievable. This is the amazing thing about affirmations, manifesting, and the power of believing! So start small, build your confidence, and then tackle your more significant dreams.

How can I incorporate visualization and emotion into my affirmations?

It is easy to incorporate visualization and emotion into your affirmations. 

Sit quietly and identify what you most want to achieve. Picture yourself already having this in your life, and imagine how good it feels.  Then, say the positive affirmation linked to this visualization. 

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