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June 14, 2023

My mission with this blog is to help you create a more abundant, joyful, and fulfilling life. As a financial professional, I combine the technical and emotional aspects of wealth building to help my clients. Whether you want a life of adventure or calm and peaceful stability, you need to become confident managing your money.







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Let’s Talk about Manifesting Money!

Can you manifest money?

A person can manifest money, and a person can repel money even more effortlessly.

Let’s first discuss how you may push money away.

I want you to picture yourself in a house. You have the door closed, and money is on the other side accumulating, knocking each time it lands, but you can’t hear it.

You literally repel money if you believe money is bad and people who have money are evil.

Then, no matter how much you envy others who have money and resent their freedom, you will not accumulate it because, deep down, you believe it is bad.

Can you manifest money?
A person can manifest money, and a person can repel money even more effortlessly.

Most of your foundational beliefs get created when you are a child from either observing your parents or anyone who has influence over your life. 

When we are kids, we don’t have a filter, and things are black and white.

So what we learn, we don’t question and take as gospel.  This also means our beliefs from childhood are much deeper in our subconscious and harder to change.

To manifest money, you need to dig into your subconscious and discover what beliefs you have about money and release the ones that are holding you back.

When we are kids, we don’t have a filter, and things are black and white.
To manifest money, you need to discover and let go of any limiting beliefs about money that are holding you back from earning more as well as saving and investing your money.

Limiting Beliefs Stop You from Manifesting Money

Some of the most powerful questions to reflect on if your negative beliefs are holding you back financially are as follows:

  1. Do you believe money is the root of all evil?
  2. What were your first memories with money? How has this shaped your life?
  3. Do you say to yourself that you will never make enough money?
  4. Do you say to yourself that money causes problems?
  5. Do you think there is only so much money to go around, and if you make more, then someone else has less?
  6. Do you think that you didn’t grow up with money, so you will never be able to get ahead?
  7. Did your family struggle with money?
  8. What did your parents say about money?
  9. Do you say money doesn’t buy you happiness and almost feel righteous when you say this?
  10. Do you think to yourself that money isn’t that important?
  11. Do you think money is for other people?
  12. What do you view as expensive?
  13. Do you have an abundant mentality and believe anything is possible, or do you feel you aren’t in control of your life and things happen to you rather than for you?

Try This Excercise to Remove Limiting Beliefs

If you are serious about manifesting, I want you to take a piece of paper and answer the questions I shared above. 

Don’t think too hard about them but write what first comes to mind.

Then walk away and read it again the next day.

Also, keep a date at the top of the page.

When you read your answers the following day, I want you to question whether your answer is true or a fact.

So, for example, if you said yes to the idea that you will never make enough money or that money causes problems, is that a fact?

You may first hear the answer, “Yes, because my neighbour got money and then they got divorced,” or “I know a person who is so wealthy, but they still aren’t happy.”

I want you to consider if it is true that money is what caused the problem or if there could be another factor.

I agree that the pursuit of money at all costs is bad. 

However, it isn’t the money that is bad; it is the pursuit of it at all costs.

Try to separate fact from narrative when seeing if your thoughts about money are accurate and helpful.

Go deeper, and ask yourself, “Is that really true?”

Do you think that you didn’t grow up with money, so you will never be able to get ahead?
Try to separate fact from fiction when looking inside to see if your thoughts about money are accurate and helpful.

Positive Beliefs that Help You Manifest Money

You want to understand your relationship with money because it has an impact on so many areas of your life. 

Money creates so many emotions in people, and if you don’t understand how it may be influencing your life, you will find it more difficult to manifest it in your life.

So let’s consider the beliefs of someone who has a good relationship with money.

  1. You believe if you make more money, then you have more money to have the freedom to make good decisions.
  2. You believe money can have a good impact on your life and your community.
  3. You think there is an infinite amount of money.
  4. You believe money allows you more control over your life, and you can make decisions in alignment with your values.
  5. You believe money is good and helps the economy.
  6. You continue to make conscious choices to work on your relationship with money because there is so much negativity around it.
  7. You recognize that some people use money for motives that aren’t good, such as to have the power to do bad things, to cover up internal issues and to control others. You also realize it isn’t the money that is the problem; it is that the people doing those things are not good people, and money is just the current currency of exchange.

In early civilizations, before currency was introduced, people used to barter with chickens or salt.

So if you think money is bad, then you are also saying, “Chickens are bad.” Or “Salt is bad.”

It is much easier to see this statement as ridiculous, and you can realize that it isn’t the salt or the money but the behaviour and intention behind it.

To determine if you can manifest money, you first need to uncover your foundational beliefs about money. 

This will allow you to “open the door” and allow money to flow into your life.

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