How To Use Meditation for Manifesting


March 20, 2024

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Using Meditation for Manifesting

“I’m wondering how to use meditation for manifesting. Do you have any tips?”

Meditation helps you see what kind of energy you’re sending out to the world. 

In this post, I’ll cover how you can use meditation for manifesting to get better results in the short-term and long-term.

How to Use Meditation for Manifesting

This energy can attract what you want into your life.

Meditation helps you clear your mind, focus on what’s important, and become aware of your energy. 

Try to meditate every day, even if it’s just for 5 to 10 minutes. 

You will start to see changes in your life. To get started, simply sit in a comfortable position with your eyes closed and watch your thoughts. Setting a timer can also help. 

By being more aware of your thoughts through meditation, you can choose to focus on the good thoughts that help. You can move closer to your dreams by becoming aware of the thoughts that are holding you back. For example, if you have money blocks, you may see them come up while meditating. Then, you can work on releasing these blocks. 

But remember, you can’t just sit and wish; you need to take tangible steps toward your dreams, too. 

start by manifesting a little bit daily

What is the relationship between meditation and manifestation?

I’ve created a visualization that will help you understand the influence of meditation on manifesting in your life.

Imagine a boat floating on the open water. This boat represents your life.

You’re the captain of the boat. 

But your subconscious mind is the steering wheel directing the course of your life.  

How can you accurately steer the boat if you don’t know how your subconscious mind works?

Remember, whether you are purposeful or not, you are still transmitting energy and manifesting what you think about.  Some outside influences can throw you off course and are out of your control. 

But it is still up to you how you react to these external forces that influence your life.

For example, you can’t stop a storm from coming. But if you’re prepared, you’ll weather that storm much more effectively. 

how to use meditation for manifesting metaphor

How can I use meditation for manifesting?

Manifesting is based on quantum physics.

The universe is made of energy, and the unconscious mind transmits messages to the universe. Use meditation to notice your thought patterns so you are sending out positive energy to manifest what you want in your life. 

How does meditation help in manifesting goals?

Before I started meditating, I didn’t appreciate the influence it could have on my life. 

If you are serious about creating the life you want and manifesting your goals, you need to know what is going on behind the scenes in your mind. Otherwise, you could be taking all these steps in the right direction, but your subconscious mind will throw up roadblocks.

If you’re unaware of the mental blocks and limiting beliefs that are running your life, you’re operating in the dark. It’s like trying to play baseball with one hand tied behind your back. 

Can meditation alone manifest desires?

I may be a huge advocate of meditation, but to manifest, you still need to take action.  

Meditation helps you understand what you want in life and gives you insight into the negative chatter in your mind.  After listening to your thoughts, you can decide what action you need to take.  Sometimes, this action starts with clearing up your negative thoughts and changing these to positive ones so you can manifest what you want.   

How often should I meditate to manifest my desires?

Ideally, meditate once daily and create a routine to see results.  

Commit to whatever you know that you can do.  I found that after a couple of months, I could see the benefits of my meditation practice, and I wanted to do it more. You might start with just five minutes daily and slowly build up to 20 minutes or longer. 

woman meditating with quote: meditate once daily and create a routine to see results

Can meditation help me overcome negative beliefs that are hindering manifestation?

To understand how negative beliefs hinder manifesting, consider the term karma.  

This term recognizes how our choices, desires, thoughts and feelings have consequences.  They create momentum and the direction of our life.  

Where we are now is the sum of our actions to date.  

Being mindful through meditation creates the opportunity to create new karma. By quieting our minds, we get clarity in our decisions, stop overreacting, and overcome living our lives dominated by fear and hurt.  

Meditation gives you more control over your life because you know why you make certain decisions. 

How can I set intentions during meditation for better manifestation?

Your intention during meditation should be to become aware of your thoughts.

See what comes up, be curious, and observe. 

Your meditation practice will expand into your daily life and help shape your future because you will learn to pause before reacting to every thought. You make conscious decisions knowing that your actions have consequences.

We want to be intentional when we take action. 

Meditation allows you to appreciate where you are now and understand how to take positive action. 

Quick Video: How to Start Manifesting

Manifesting is a way to bring a vision into reality. In this video I cover three manifesting tips and an important warning. If you don’t do this ONE thing, then manifesting won’t work.

Summary of Key Points:

  • Say what you want, not what you don’t.
  • Notice what makes you happy.
  • Track negative thoughts to find joy blockers.
  • Your energy influences what you get.
  • Work on feeling positive and changing beliefs.

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