How to Deal with Impatience while Manifesting


March 20, 2024

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Manifesting with Patience (Even If You Feel Super Impatient!)

Like most of us, you’ve probably felt impatient while manifesting a goal or vision for your life. You may even be close to giving up. Mastering how to deal with impatience while manifesting is crucial for anyone on a path of self-discovery and transformation. This skill allows you to stick with it and ultimately bring your vision to life.

Acknowledging impatience is a powerful strategy for reducing its influence over us and ensuring it doesn’t overshadow our goals. 

This post will explore the dynamics of impatience, offering insights into why we feel impatient, how it can hinder us, and strategies for harnessing mindfulness and visualization to stay aligned with our goals.

Mastering your impatience will allow you to manifest your dreams.

What is the best way to deal with impatience while manifesting?

I am sure you’re familiar with the feeling of frustration and anxiety when something is not happening as quickly as you would like.

I get it. 

I have had these feelings all too often.  To deal with this, imagine that your impatience is an elephant. 

You’re sitting in a beautiful room relaxing and there just happens to be an elephant sitting across from you. Ignoring the elephant won’t make it go away. In fact, trying to ignore it may result in a very cranky elephant. 

The most effective way to deal with the “elephant” is to name it and deal with it. 

Say something like, “Oh, hi impatience. I see you, and I know you want everything right now. You’re welcome in my mind. It is okay to be impatient because you’re working towards something you really want.”  

Acknowledging the “elephant” takes away its power over you and your thoughts. You’re essentially saying the elephant is welcome without giving it the power to take center stage, and your goals will.  

This works because when you’re so worried about your impatience and why everything isn’t happening fast enough, you aren’t focused on what you want to create. 

Remember, your impatience won’t go away, but its power over your thoughts will. 

Acknowledge and accept your impatience and its power over you will dissipate.

Why do I feel impatient while trying to manifest my goals?

You feel impatient when trying to manifest your goals for three main reasons.

  1. Your goal is something you want to manifest, and you care about it deeply. It makes you feel crazy if it isn’t already happening. 
  2. You’re afraid of whether it is even possible to achieve this goal. 
  3. Our subconscious naturally has a negative bias and “freaks out” when we threaten to make changes.
3 Reasons You May Be Impatient While Manifesting

How can I tell if my impatience is hindering my manifestation?

The best way to tell if your impatience is hindering you is to ask yourself how often you focus on your impatience versus your goals. 

Impatience derails our thoughts, and suddenly, we focus on what we don’t have rather than what we want. Remember, you’re ALWAYS manifesting through your thoughts and feelings. So when you’re impatient, you’re manifesting more impatience.

Next, you can question whether your impatience stops you from taking positive action. Does it make you feel hopeless and like you are giving up?  

How long should I wait to see results from my manifestation efforts?

If you’re asking yourself how long you should wait to see your results, you need to pause and acknowledge your impatience.  

Next, look at your goals and be curious about any changes you have seen. Your goal here is to acknowledge any “signs” that you’re on the right track.  Remember, it isn’t just about the end goal. There will be many small changes along the way. 

How long should I wait to see results from my manifestation efforts?

Can mindfulness or meditation help in reducing impatience?

Mindfulness reduces your impatience in two significant ways. 

First, mindfulness nurtures your subconscious mind and removes the pressure of pushing. It allows you to be present. Second, it shines a light on your thoughts and why you may be holding yourself back.

To manifest, you need to be mindful and take action. 

Trying to manifest without using both of these tools is like having one hand tied behind your back while trying to win a baseball match. 

Just taking action can be a struggle, especially if your mind is slowing down all your efforts by continually playing negative and fearful thoughts.

Patti wants to be an entrepreneur. 

She reads books, saves money, speaks to other entrepreneurs, and joins an organization to get started. The problem is that for every positive step, she thinks, “Who do you think you’re starting a business for? Why would you be successful when so many others aren’t?” 

Are these opposing forces slowing her progress?  

Mindfulness will give her insight into her thinking and remove the power of her negative thoughts. She will no longer feel dragged down by her thoughts, and they will no longer have power over her. 

Should I keep visualizing my goals, or will that make me more impatient?

Absolutely, keep visualizing your goals!

The trick is to deescalate your impatient thoughts by acknowledging them in your mind.   

Say to yourself, “I see you’re impatient. That’s okay because I am stretching to reach a new level in my life.”  

Visualizing your goals can keep you motivated and on track as long as you don’t allow yourself to put impatience center stage. 

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